A narrow light beam may be inadequate to find your way efficiently in all outdoor situations. It is important to be able to illuminate your surroundings using a broad and uniform beam.

Light sources

BEAL thermo fluid

Source N° 1 : central LED, known as «FOCUS» emits a far reaching and precise narrow beam.

Source N° 2 : Lateral LEDs, known as «FLOOD» emit light to allow comfortable and uniform peripheral vision without bright spots.

Source N° 3 : Red LEDs, known a «RED» allow for discreet lighting or efficient signalling in flashing mode.

Every light source is thus dedicated to a particular use: «FOCUS» to see far, «FLOOD» for immediate surroundings and, «RED» for discretion in its constant mode or signalling in its flashing mode.


BEAL headlamps are separated into 2 ranges

BEAL thermo fluid

Which indicate the key features of each one ::

  • The L range - light and compact head torches
  • The F.F range - torches with a minimum of two light sources : «FOCUS» et «FLOOD».



BEAL thermo fluid

Every light source has multiple settings; in addition to a powerful and an economic setting some models also feature medium and flashing settings.

  • Maximum mode : the most powerful setting, providing an effective and intense output between 2 and 4 hours.
  • Medium mode : the most favourable setting offering a compromise between light output and energy management.
  • Economic mode : this setting, with an output between 5 and 6.5 lumens, generates minimal consumption for a very long burn time.
  • Flashing mode : this setting works on the central light source or RED source and helps to draw attention when needed.
  • The combination of light sources and various modes allows for perfect adjustments to suit the needs of your night vision, which at the same time results in excellent energy management.
  • TOTAL POWER Mode : combination of both Flood and Focus modes, thus providing with a zoom, long reach output cumulated with a proximity wide output..


Depending on the lamp, BEAL uses two distinct technologies :

BEAL unicore

Conventional unregulated electronic circuit where output decreases over time but with the advantage of long burn times.

BEAL unicore

Regulated electronic circuits allow for multiple constant output levels to suit the user’s preference. Depending on the chosen mode, constant lighting is provided between 2 and several hours.

Water resistance

All of our headlamps are water resistant to at least the IPX6 standard, guaranteeing water resistance against a 100 l/min water jet from a 3 m distance

BEAL unicore