Harness : Web-Core technology


BEAL unicore

In order to distribute pressure on both hips and thighs as evenly as possible during a fall or whilst at a belay, BEAL have devised a new manufacturing process in order to minimise the effects of impact force. Web-Core is a broad, yet thin and light piece of webbing which is laser cut to match the harness’ shape and is laminated - at high temperatures - to both the interior and exterior of the harness. This webbing, which is the same size as the comfort parts, assures optimal pressure distribution without any compression zones where the body is in contact with the harness. There are numerous benefits to this innovation: it allows for thinner, compact and lighter weight harnesses whilst increasing comfort.

Web-Core technology can be divided into 2 lines :

BEAL unicore

Non-laminated Web- Core technology with foam padding, for ultra comfortable harnesseses.

BEAL unicore

Laminated Web-Core technology with wider belt, for ultra comfortable and compact harnesses.


BEAL unicore

RECCO® is a search & rescue aid for mountaineers that have become lost in a storm, disorientated in the mountains or in a deep forest, fallen in a crevasse or have become avalanche victims.

It is simple technology that requires no maintenance, battery or switch. It has an infinite lifetime and its performance does not degrade over the time.

The RECCO® system is based on a radar technology:
A transmitter device sends out a signal, which is sent back by your RECCO® reflector to allow you to be located accurately.
In the Alps (D/A/CH/FR/IT), Scandinavia (SE/NO) and in more than 700 ski resorts worldwide, air based rescue teams are equipped with a RECCO® SAR1, an ultra-high performance radar fixed beneath a helicopter allowing them to cover a lot of ground in minimal time. With a range of 300m, the rescue helicopter can cover 1km² in 90 seconds, the equivalent of a football pitch per second.

Why does Beal use RECCO® on harnesses?
While skiing, alpine climbing, ski-mountaineering, you will always be wearing your harness. Your RECCO®-featured jacket might be in your backpack which in turn may get ripped off your shoulders by an avalanche or fall.

Using a harness with a RECCO® reflector in the mountains increases your chances of being found by the rescue teams.

Dynamic Fit

BEAL unicore

Dynamic-Fit is BEAL’s new leg loop adjustment system. Patented (Black Diamond licence) and well-tested, it allows quick and highly precise adjustments of the leg loops without the use of a metal buckle. Once adjusted, they remain stretchy without compressing the user’s thighs. The Dynamic-Fit system is an excellent extremely lightweight alternative to traditional metal buckles.