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  • BC085O

    KEY FEATURES Ultralight. Ultra supple, versatile. Offers all the advantages of Unicore technology. USE Top level climber. General climber / mountaineer. Weighing in at only 48 g/m, the Opera... KEY FEATURES Ultralight. Ultra...

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  • BC094S

    KEY FEATURES Light and supple. Versatile. Offers all the advantages of Unicore technology. USE High grade climbers. Tailored for top level sport climbing, its intermediate rope diameter as... KEY FEATURES Light and supple....

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  • BC073G

    KEY FEATURES Lightweight. Free-running. Golden Dry series. UNICORE technology benefits. USE Expert climbers on glacial, mountain or adventure climbing. Weighing only 36 g per metre, the... KEY FEATURES Lightweight....

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  • BC081I

    KEY FEATURES The weight and free-running of twin rope plus the advantages of a double rope. Ultra low impact force. The rope doesn’t bunch and stays flexible for the long term. Has all the... KEY FEATURES The weight and...

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Mountain line

Specifically developed for climbing in challenging weather conditions found when mountaineering or ice climbing, MOUNTAIN ropes benefit from 2 treatments: in addition to the sheath’s DRY COVER treatment, all core strands are individually treated with a water repellent coating. The combination of both treatments creates a GOLDEN DRY rope. All MOUNTAIN ropes are GOLDEN DRY. They therefore feature the same benefits as INTENSIVE ropes, but with minimal water absorption and increased suppleness. All MOUNTAIN ropes are UIAA WATER REPELLENT accredited, and are constructed using the THERMO FLUID process creating a more compact and supple rope.


  • Water and frost resistant.
  • Very little weight gain in humid conditions.
  • Prevents the rope diameter from expanding .
  • Rope runs smoothly through karabiners and belay devices.
  • Abrasion resistance during normal use.

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