Adjustable, dynamic rope lanyard with sewn terminations.


Adjustable, dynamic rope lanyard with sewn terminations.

The dynamic performance of this lanyard is greatly superior to that of traditional static lanyards.

By making your own double fig-8 knot point of attachment to your harness you can obtain an assymetric ‘V’ lanyard adjusted to your needs.

The lanyard thus made, in conformity with the notice, meets Standard EN 354.

  • Possible to clip long or short.
  • Ability to pass intermediate anchors thanks to the 2 branches.
  • Sewn terminations fitted with a sleeve to protect the rope and a pinch to hold the karabiner in position.
  • Improved security in the event of a fall (even of high factor) on the lanyard because of the use of dynamic rope.
  • Attach with a maillon rapide or directly onto the chest ring.
Nom Valeur
Norme EN 354
Weight 250 g
Matière Polyamide
Certification CE
Longueur 160 cm
Résistance 2200 daN(kg)
Produit Pro oui
Famille DYNAPRO8

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