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A headlamp with 2 light sources weighing only 96 g.


A headlamp with 2 light sources weighing only 96 g.

The FF120 is a headlamp highly suited to all outdoor activities, from mountaineering to trail running. It offers the choice between long, focused lighting for moving quickly or a broad beam for close proximity use.

  • Source N° 1 Focus: A powerful central LED with reflector for a long and bright beam.
    • Maximum mode: 100 lumens and a focused lighting distance up to 100 m.
    • Medium Mode provides 45 lumens of ‘CONTINUOUS POWER’ for comfortable use without a drop in output over a pre-defined period of time.<
    • Economical mode for a maximum burn time.
    • Flashing mode to draw attention where needed.
  • Source N° 2 Flood: 2 powerful lateral LEDs each backed by a reflector for peripheral lighting.
    • Maximum mode: for highly comfortable peripheral vision even when moving quickly.
    • Medium mode: for pleasant and homogenous close proximity vision, without areas of bright spots.
    • The elastic head strap is easily removable and washable, and compatible with the L24 attached to the rear.
    • Individual number.
  • climbing, mountaineering, ski-mountaineering, trail-running and all outdoor activities.
Nom Valeur
Lumens 100
Autonomie 240 h
Portée 100 m
Nbre de LEDS 3
Produit Sport oui
Produit Pro oui
Famille FF120

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